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About Blue Ridge Builders and Flooring

Looking for a company you can trust to complete your next home renovation project? Look no further!  Blue Ridge Builders and Flooring is here to answer your questions, help you define your goals, and provide top services to complete whatever renovation, remodeling, flooring, roofing or other job you have in mind.

We use only the best quality products, newest technology and expert builders to create a new look for your home. Update with the latest trends in home colors and materials to create a beautiful style throughout your interior, or give the outside of your home a makeover with siding or shingles that will make it look new again.

Meet Our Partners

Partner Paul Allen comes from a long line of craftsmen.  He started working in the construction field in his early teens.  He has been active in the industry for 40 plus years.  Focusing on quality production and providing an outstanding customer experience, he will take care to make sure that your project is both run smoothly and exceeds your expectations.

Partner Kurt Brown started with Blue Ridge Floors at the age of 14.  He got his MHIC license in 2003, opened his home improvement company and purchased Blue Ridge Floors from Jim and Brenda Cramer in 2004.  With over 30 years in the construction industry, Kurt focuses on the daily operations of the business, meeting customers and estimating projects.

In their spare time, both Kurt and Paul enjoy spending time with family and riding motorcycles with their friends.  Growing up locally, they are proud to still be a part of the Jefferson/Brunswick community.  Kurt and Paul enjoy the benefits of being self-employed as it allows for their intimate involvement in every aspect of each project.

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Tel: 301-473-5400
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4014 Mountville Rd #E
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MD Contractor/Salesman #85558
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